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10 Awesome Gifts To Give Overseas Students This Christmas

Published: December 18, 2016

1. Kitchen Safe Locking Container

Credit: Amazon

Don’t want to go over your student budget when buying candy? Then you must get this handy time locking container where your food will stay safe until the next student finance loan comes through!

2. RyanAir Gift Vouchers

Picture1Credit: RyanAir via Twitter

When we are young we want to explore the world, sadly most students are just too poor. With these RyanAir vouchers you can help make our wanderlust dreams come true.

3. A Five-Year Memory Book


Credit: Amazon

They say college years are the best time in a person’s life. Here’s the perfect way to remember all those crazy things you did.

4.Frugal Living for Dummies


Credit: Wiley

Students are well known for being short on money. The chances are what your friend/son/relative needs in the New Year is a good budget. They haven’t budgeted before?  If so, then Frugal Living for Dummies is the perfect gift for them

5. Smoothie Blender


Credit: Amazon

Remember all the junk food and tons of red bull you consumed during exams? Have a fresh start to the new semester with this smoothie blender!

6. Digital Highlighter


Credit: Scanmarker

Transitioning from high school to college can be very tough especially in terms of the workload. Long lectures and hours spent in the library taking pages and pages of notes. We found a gadget made exactly for those note-taking sessions – a scan marker!

7. Elegant Flask Bracelets



Uni is a stressful place. Especially when it comes to exams, which are on 4th of January for some of us. There’s no better way to help you child lowkey deal with anxiety than these 1-shot bracelet flasks. They might need more than 1 😉

8. LED Pennyboard


Credit: Argos

Did we mention that students are strapped for cash? There’s really no need to spend those 4.80 for Zone 4 – Zone 1 single… Save your friends some cash to spend on alcohol and going out, by gifting this pennyboard from Argos. Yes, the wheels light up! – in case you were wondering.

9. Single-cup Coffee Maker


Credit: Robert Dyas

There are times when a college student’s future depends on their ability to stay awake entire nights. It is for this reason that coffee plays such a central role in the lives of students. Keep students up at night without overdosing on the black gold by gifting them with this single-cup coffee brewer for busy people on the go.

10. Electric Blanket

Picture2Credit: Argos

After Christmas come months of winter gloom and misery… and exams. There really is no better way to keep your student friend snug and warm than this electric blanket from Argos.

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