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The 5 Best Universities of the Future

Published: November 29, 2016


We’ve all heard about the Ivy League- and Oxbridge universities and how they dominate the international university rankings throughout history. However, which schools will be the “Harvards” and “Oxfords” of the future?

StudyAdvantage has looked at the schools that are gaining ground on the international ranking lists and outpacing their peers. Here we list 5 of the fastest climbers on the international ranking lists:



  1. King’s College London

It’s attractive location in the heart of London, wide range of subjects on offer and highly international student body all contribute to the rise of King’s College in recent years. KCL not only maintains a good reputation, but is gaining ground on it’s fellow institutions as a testament to it’s dedication to academic excellence. It currently stands as the 21st best university in the world.


  1. University of Warwick

The story of the University of Warwick is one of success. Despite its young age (founded in 1965), Warwick has established itself as an institution to be reckoned with. Placing as the 51st best university in the world according to QS, the school is bumping shoulders with competitors ten times its own age.

Known as a springboard to top jobs within finance and business in London, Warwick has become a favorite among careerists.

To find out more:

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  1. Stanford University

Rankings are tied to a university’s ability to open doors for it’s graduates, and what better career path than becoming a hi-tech billionaire/genius/philanthropist?

Stanford – in many ways the heart of Silicon Valley – has spawned many successful hi-tech entrepreneurs (founders of Google, Snapchat, Yahoo, Netflix, Youtube among many more) as well as top-of-the-line engineers and developers.

The university has gone from #15 to #2 on the QS ranking in just 5 years.

To find out more, read Hikaru’s blog from Stanford University HERE


  1. National University of Singapore

Singapore has emerged as a strong force in Asia’s higher education sector. The small south east Asian nation boasts numerous highly ranked universities despite it’s rather small size. As a diverse business hub, the country offers interesting career prospects for graduates, and attracts many international students.

In only 5 years, the school has climbed from spot #25 to #12 in fierce competition with much older and more experienced institutions.

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  1. Fudan University
Fudan University Library

No university is climbing as fast in the international rankings as this Shanghai institution. Fudan University is making a name for itself on the international scene, attracting students, faculty and researchers from all over the world. A leading member of the Chinese C9 group, the university accounts for much of the country’s most notable research.

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