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Quirky UK University Societies You HAVE to Join

Published: January 30, 2017

Everybody wants to make the most out of their time at university and joining clubs and societies is the way to go. For many, starting a new life chapter away from home, family and friends can be quite challenging and a sense of belonging makes all the difference. Every freshers guide and student ambassador encourages new students to join societies and we couldn’t agree more. You get to do what interests you, go after new experiences and do all that while being a member of a community. If this sounds like something for you, have a look at some of the quirkiest university societies in the UK for inspiration and even maybe as motivation for your upcoming interviews!


Harry Potter – University of Edinburgh

For a lot of millennials, life would not be complete without the presence of Harry Potter in their lives. As a member of this society you go through the Sorting Ceremony, attend numerous events, socials and trips and show off your mastery of the Harry Potter world in pub quizzes. The Edinburgh University Harry Potter society definitely know how to celebrate the world of magic, created by J.K. Rowling in Edinburgh itself!


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Stitch ‘n’ bitch society – University of Leeds

This student group is dedicated to knitting, sewing, dyeing, all things crafty. The society is open to both skilled individuals and complete beginners. They organize frequent socials that keep them ‘stitching and bitching’. Isn’t this a great way to get away from all the studying? Knitting might just be the new colouring books!



Mario Kart – University of Manchester

As one of the biggest universities in the UK, University of Manchester is home to a number of clubs and societies. This is a very peculiar case – Mario Kart society, which run ‘mario kart and chill’ evenings, pub crawls and themed parties.

mario kart


Apparently, Manchester has a thing for the game, see for yourself – watch the go-karts race through the city.

Go-kart race through Manchester



Magic Society – University College London

Tired of the realities of being a university student? This UCL society provides you with a weekly way out of the real life. Here you can learn how to work with cards, coins and even become a mentalist! Now that stand out CVs are a thing, we think being a student magician can easily beat graduating with a first! Watch one of the society members perform during the freshers.


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Star Wars – University of Warwick

Without a doubt, this is one of the most amazing university societies ever! Movie screenings, quizzes, food and drinks. Students at University of Warwick understand the ‘work hard, play hard’ philosophy pretty well. They have even made their own little Warwick Star Wars film!

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Article written by Tereza Gladisova, a contributing editor at StudyAdvantage covering stories in education, media and entertainment.


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