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7 Young, Superstar International Professors

Published: January 4, 2017

Let’s begin with a brief scene from one of the 7 Best Education Inspired Movies, to help us remember why Professors (and International Professors in particular) are so profoundly important to the experience – academic and beyond – you will have as a student:

Few things are likely to be more inspiring during your student experience than a truly passionate, engaging – and perhaps somewhat theatrical professor. Passion for a subject easily rubs off, and memories of favourite Professors hardly fade. As an international student, you may be particularly inclined to connect with some of these young Superstar International Professors (and Assistant Professors) working at the top universities around the world:

1. Esther Duflo (French), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA

Professor Duflo is not just young (well, at 44 at least relatively so) and international, she is also one of absolute top economists alive today. Apart from a short stint at Princeton, she has remained at MIT where she was awarded her PhD in Economics at age 26 and tenure at age 29 (one of the youngest profs in MIT’s history to gain tenure).

Esther focuses on development economics & poverty alleviation. She has written books, won most academic prizes on the market (no Nobel prize yet though), and is believed to be a big influencer of Barack Obama’s economic policy.

See Esther’s academic webpage.

Esther Duflo


2. Sam Yam (Chinese/HK), National University of Singapore

Sam – whose father was a taxi driver in Hong Kong – may have a casual style (he has been seen sporting shorts to lectures), but he is also casually one of the youngest ( and most impressive professors at Asia’s #1 ranked university, NUS. Educated in Psychology and Organisational Behaviour at the University of Washington, Sam now teaches and researches the quickly growing academic field of business ethics. Expect to see more of him in the field.

See Sam’s academic website.

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Sam Yam


3. Francesca Gino (Italian), Harvard Business School, USA

Few people in the world have the same authority in the field of negotiation and decision making science as Italian-native Harvard professor Francesca Gino. Her research, books & chapters, seminars, and lecturing at both HBS and the Harvard Law School is hugely appreciated by students and colleagues alike. In addition to decision-making, Francesca is also deeply passionate about anything Italian. Oh, and if you aren’t convinced about her academic merit, check out her 31-page CV.

See Francesca’s academic website.

Check out the Alumni Story about Wharton and Stanford graduate Carlotta Siniscalco, another young fiery Italian.

Francesca Gino


4. Guglielmo Verdirame (Italian), King’s College London, UK

Following appointments in the Law faculties at Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard, the Italian native and superstar legal thinker Guglielmo Verdirame found his way to King’s College London, where he is affiliated with both the highly ranked School of Law and the world renowned Department of War Studies. In addition to his research and teaching, he also actively practices law as a barrister, focusing on public international law and international arbitration.

See Guglielmo’s academic website.

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Guglielmo Verdirame


5. Andreas T. Angelopoulos (Greek), University of Oxford, UK

Andreas’ has helped fill an academic ‘gap’ in better studying the alternative finance industry, Private Equity and Venture Capital in particular. As the Executive Director of the Private Equity Institute at Oxford, and other academic positions at Imperial College London and Booth at the University of Chicago, he has been instrumental in covering trends and challenges in the industry. He has made significant contributions to practical teaching  in the field as well, primarily at graduate level.

See Andreas’ academic website.

Andreas Angelopoulos


6. Anna-Sara Malmgren (Swedish), Stanford University, USA

A graduate of King’s College London, Oxford University and NYU, the young Swede cut her teeth at the University of Texas at Austin before moving onto Stanford, so she truly is a product of an international education (in addition, of course, to being a brilliant mind and dedicated academic). At Stanford, her work focuses on philosophy of mind and language, epistemology, and metaphysics, and she teaches a course featured in Stanford’s famous Symbolic Systems program.

See Anna-Sara’s academic website.

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Anna-Sara Malmgren


7. Gustavo J. Bobonis (Puerto Rican), University of Toronto, Canada

This UC Berkeley PhD researches and teaches Development Economics with both precision and passion. His engaged teaching style recently awarded him the Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching at UofT. He also remains focused on improving the understanding of development in his native Central America, as well as more broadly, through his empirical and theoretical research.

See Gustavo’s academic website.

Gustavo Bobonis


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