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8 Best Student Newspapers in the World

Published: January 12, 2017

In the Remarkable Student Societies article series on StudyAdvantage, we showcase the most impressive, admirable, strangest and nichest student clubs and societies from around the world. We’re not saying you should apply to a university based on society life…however, if you do, you won’t be the first. These are the Best Student Newspapers.

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Ranging from shamefully poor to unbelievably impressive, student newspapers at universities around the world come in all shapes and flavours. Like other powerful media outlets, the well-run student newspapers carry a certain weight on any campus; they can ruin or bless an event, a person or a group overnight. Often run by the TV celebs, investigative star journalists, power-bloggers and media moguls of tomorrow, here are 8 of the Best Student Newspapers we’ve ever come across:

P.s. if you’re applying to college to study communications or journalism, it’s a pretty good idea to join one of these teams and get some real media experience under your belt. Or, of course, you can come join StudyAdvantage.


The Daily Collegian, Penn State University, USA

Penn State is a huge, public research university that you might offers the ‘quintessential US college experience’. In addition, then, to also offering a great student newspaper with thousands of readers. Visit their website.

Daily Collegian logo



York Vision, York University, England

Claiming to be ‘The UK’s most awarded student newspaper’, the York Vision sure has a few things figured out. It is only published 3 times per term, but it features more in-depth content than you might expect from other student newspapers. Visit their website, or read Malthe’s blog from York University.

York Vision


Central Michigan Life, Central Michigan University, USA

With the look & feel, as well as social media reach, that would make some ‘real’ newspaper organisations jealous, the CML team delivers for its loyal reader base. Their new Editor-in-chief shares a greeting below. Also check out their website.


The Bull & Bear, McGill University, Canada

Founded in 2003 out of McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management, the Bull & Bear is admittedly more of a magazine than a newspaper. It’s diversified from business-focused content, and covers everything from arts to tech. And it’s beautiful, it’s relevant, and it’s got a star studded team of student execs (see below). Interested in McGill? Check out Saud’s blog.

Bull & Bear


The Cornell Daily Sun, Cornell University, USA

With tagline ‘Independent since 1880’ two things are obvious about The Cornell Daily Sun; it’s old, and it’s independent. But it’s also very good, and they produce an impressive number of quality articles every week. Check out their website.

Keen on Cornell? Check out the amazing Gaia’s blog.

The Cornell Daily Sun



The Courier, Newcastle University, England

With a weekly circulation of 12,000 readers, significant online presence, and strong content velocity and quality, it’s no surprise The Courier has been named ‘Publication of the Year’ in Guardian’s student media awards. Check out their website.


The Courier logo



Yale Daily News, Yale University, USA

The founding editors of Yale Daily News famously wrote around 1878:

“The innovation which we begin by this morning’s issue is justified by the dullness of the times, and the demand for news among us.”

Since then, the student newspaper has fought dullness on a daily basis with great pride and profession. As the oldest campus newspaper in America, they have a lot of legacy to carry. They get some help though, here through a fun depiction in the Gilmore Girls series:

Check their website. Or visit Yale’s university page for lots of amazing content related to Yale.


Varsity, Cambridge University, England

One of Britain’s oldest student newspapers, perhaps one of Varsity’s most significant features is its historical contributors. The list includes today’s leading journalists at all the key British media outlets like the BBC, Financial Times and Guardian. Visit their website.

Interested in more juicy stories about Cambridge? Check out there university page.

Cambridge Varsity



Farrago, University of Melbourne, Australia

Published by the University of Melbourne Student Union, Farrago is Australia’s oldest student publication. But unlike what you might expect from an old media outlet, Farrago is very much a modern magazine with a creative edge. Covering everything from campus news to arts and science, Farrago remains a strong fixture on UofM’s campus. Check out their website.

Farrago Magazine



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These are the Best Student Newspapers.

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