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1. About the Application Guide

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StudyAdvantage’s application guide gives you unlimited access to detailed articles with useful information and strategies on how to apply to universities in the USA and UK. The Application guide is written by international students from some of the world’s top universities. It is based on StudyAdvantage’s long history of successful college application mentoring and consulting as well as talks with numerous university admissions committees.



The guide includes:

  • Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to apply
  • Advice on how to strategically select high school courses to fit the requirements of universities and to impress them
  • How to fill out standardized application forms as an international applicant
  • Calendar containing all important dates and deadlines
  • Link bank with more useful resources to help you build a successful application
  • A checklist to ensure that all parts of your application are completed



Get access to the application guide

The application guide is free and readily available to use. The links on the right hand side of the screen allows you to easily navigate through the different sections of the guide. It’s that easy.



What did you learn throughout the application process that you wish you’d have known before?


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“If you get the chance, contact someone at the university like a former student in order to learn more about the school and to build a relationship that can benefit you throughout the application process.”

Felix Wibergh, Duke ’13



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“I learned that American universities deem diversity and applicants’ experiences as something very important. It is easy to forget this and to focus too much on grades, SAT and the amount of extracurriculars on one’s CV.”

Amira Abedallah, Harvard ’15



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“I learned that it is OK to slightly modify the information given in the application in order to make it sound somewhat cooler.”

Henrik Hansen, Warwick ’14


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