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2. How To Use the Application Guide

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Welcome to StudyAdvantage’s Application Guide!

The guide is designed with two main goals in mind. Firstly, the order in which the different chapters appear is meant to reflect the chronological order of the application process, where questions regarding choice of school (etc.) are featured at the top, followed by more in-depth information regarding the actual application. Secondly, the guide is designed to allow the user to easily jump back and forth between the sections, and to easily find the right information at the right time.

The authors of the guide have studied at top universities in the UK and USA. The contents of the guide are based on the knowledge gained throughout their own application process, as well as discussions with other students and experts within the field. The authors have also hosted application- and SAT preparation courses professionally.

Lastly, the guide contains information from the latest American and British literature within the field, as well as useful online resources (found under the Link Bank).

Some of the contents of this guide are objective facts, such as application deadlines and information on how to register for the SAT test. Other parts of the guide deal with more complex topics where objective advice is difficult. This is true for how to build a personal profile and how to write a good college essay. The advice contained within this guide is based on numerous different sources, and presents strategies that are proven to work. With this said, critical and independent thinking are important ingredients in a successful application, and thus, our guide can only help you so much. This guide is therefore no guarantee for a successful application. The considerations of different admissions committees at different schools can look very different, and diversity is of great importance in your application.

The guide is aimed at inspiring and nurturing great ideas for your application, and it is up to you to decide what and how to use it. We hope the guide will be of assistance. We recommend that our guide be used in combination with other resources (these can be found in our link bank) in order to give you a more nuanced understanding of the application process.  



Are you currently in grade 10 or 11?

Congratulations! To begin thinking about your university application in advance can make a huge difference. Use our guide as a source of inspiration and information. Pay extra attention to the things you can start thinking about already, such as SAT studies, building a personal profile and strategic selection of high school courses. The earlier you start the better.



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