Alessia Lenders

"For every complex problem there is a simple answer and its wrong."

Author Bio

Hello! I am Alessia, currently a senior at the University of Pennsylvania in the Huntsman Program, studying international relations and finance. Last year, I spent a semester abroad at Bocconi University in Milan.

Before starting my bachelors degree, I was in the French education system and lived in Madrid, Paris, New York and London.


Hometown London, UK
Lives Philadelphia, USA
High School Education French Baccalaureate, Lycée Francais Charles de Gaulle, London
Studying Huntsman Program (BS in Economics from Wharton + BA in International Studies from UPenn)
Graduating 2017
Extracurriculars Piano, Basketball, Pilates
Interests Cooking (vegetarian cuisine)
Future Plans Post-graduation job at investment bank JP Morgan