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“A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for.” - William G.T. Shedd

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I am a twenty year old Belgian student studying an MA in Economics in Edinburgh. Despite of the fact that Economics is a very demanding subject, I am fully embracing my student life in the thrilling capital of Scotland, by being involved in various student societies’ on campus. How did I get to Edinburgh? When I was 16, I decided to leave my comfort zone in Belgium and left to finish high school in a boarding school in England. With a basic knowledge of English, this put me in a challenging environment, which generated this enthusiasm in me to constantly discover new things.


Hometown Knokke, Belgium
Lives Edinburgh, United Kingdom
High School Education Belgian high school, Nieuwen Bosch Humaniora, Gent (Belgium); A Levels, Ampleforth College (Sixth Form)
Studying MA in Economics
Graduating 2018
Extracurriculars Involved in Business Society, Society for Economic Pluralism
Interests Travelling, scuba diving , tennis, hockey and of course; grabbing a drink once in a while to catch up with friends
Future Plans TBD

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The discoveries in Scotland’s capital during Freshers week

Published: November 3, 2016

It has almost been 3 years, from when I arrived in Edinburgh – I was all kitted out with a ridiculous amount of stationary for the “fresh” start at the prestigious University of Edinburgh. The first week of university, which they call Fresher’s week was without doubt the most exhilarating but simultaneously also the most terrifying week ever.   Why was it terrifying? Well, picture this. About 2 months after having received the acceptance letter, which you were nervously waiting for. You, finally, get to have a taster of what your future is going to be like. However, as all…

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