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“No matter what your current circumstances are, if you can imagine something better for yourself, you can create it.” - John Assaraf

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Born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, I am currently a junior at NYU, majoring in Economics and minoring in Psychology and Business Studies. My favorite thing about living in the big apple is the fact that it is so international, I love meeting with people who have different stories and experiences to share. I have made friends from all over the world at NYU (to name a few; Germany, Indonesia, Turkey, Russia, Ecuador and India). I am obsessed with tea and hence love exploring tea cafes in the east village in my free time.


Hometown Karachi, Pakistan
Lives New York City, NY, USA
High School Education A Levels, Karachi Grammar School, Pakistan
Studying BA in Economics with a minor in Psychology and Business Studies
Graduating 2018
Extracurriculars 1) Chief Operating Officer of Smart Woman Securities NYU chapter (club that teaches undergraduate women basic concepts of finance and investment). 2) Liberal Studies Student Leader- Act as a mentor to current LS students and assist them in matters of academic & career advising and student engagement 3) Board Member of the Liberal Studies-College of Arts and Sciences transition board- Provided solutions on how to best tackle the problem of adjusting into a larger class size by collectively agreeing that a panel of former LS students should be set up to educate incoming CAS students on how to adapt to the larger class size
Interests Bollywood Dancing, Recreational Badminton, Afternoon tea
Future Plans I am currently interested in pursuing a career in consulting, specifically consulting in human capital. I enjoy the challenge of breaking down a complex problem to provide an innovative solution to it and working collaboratively as a team.

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Hallo-weekend at NYU

Published: October 31, 2016

Midterms at NYU ended this week which was perfect timing since it was hallo-weekend! The best part about going to NYU is simply being apart of this amazing city that has such a multi-cultural and international flavor to it, where one will come across people from different walks of life and together it is everyone that makes the big apple. Hallo-weekend is one such time when I feel truly lucky to be apart of New York City. It’s a time when you witness throngs of people walking the streets of Manhattan with interesting costumes till 7 am and New Yorkers…

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