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"Everyone smiles in the same language"

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Hi everyone! I am a multicultural 20 year old who is currently studying psychology in London. I was born in Leiden and went to a Dutch primary school. When I was 9 years old, I moved to Rome with my family and found myself finishing high school back in the Netherlands 4 years later. Over the years my interest in humans and why they do what they do has grown and it is one of the many reasons I chose to study psychology. I consider myself an enthusiastic, optimistic and ambitious person, who loves to explore and meet new people. I can’t wait to see what new adventures StudyAdvantage will send my way!


Hometown Wassenaar, Netherlands
Lives London, UK
High School Education International Baccalaureate, American School of The Hague
Studying BSc in Psychology
Graduating 2017
Extracurriculars UCLU Dance Society
Interests Dance, theatre, travel, friends & family & watching good movies
Future Plans Currently unclear, but I'd like to be successful and inspiring psychologist either in a larger company or my own practice. I think it's important to balance the career with being able to enjoy hobbies on the side.

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Back to business

Published: October 25, 2016

It’s only been three weeks of classes and the stress levels and library visits are rising. Despite the shock of the increased workload and responsibilities of dissertation design, the psychology degree has never been this interesting. As a third year, we get to choose all our modules. After struggling to choose (because all the modules sound SO interesting!), I managed to get my top choices: organisational psychology, behaviour change, social psychology of risk, applied decision making, human learning and memory as well as the brain in action. There are many interesting courseworks coming up, and being in third year we…

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