Denis Turcu

“I will show you how great I am!” - Muhammad Ali

Author Bio

I had a science-oriented background in high school, participating in all kinds of International Olympiads. This was my way of getting where I am now, but I have learnt there are many different ways to do just the same. My mind opened quite a lot since I started college and it has been a great experience: I have learned a lot outside my primary interests, I have tried a lot of things I didn’t know existed before, and I feel encouraged to continue this way and to explore everything that sounds like I might enjoy it. I don’t know where I will be or where this will get me, but I am sure I will be happy to have done all these things.


Hometown Braila, Romania
Lives Cambridge (Greater Boston Area), MA, USA
High School Education Romanian Baccalaureate, International Computer High School Bucharest, Romania
Studying Bachelor of Science
Graduating 2018
Extracurriculars Love sports (most kinds of sports) – play Club Futsal and Tennis. Run Harvard Romanian Association – President. Try to learn how to play music – Guitar, Piano. Enjoy art and philosophical conversations – modern and classical museums, ethical questions.
Interests Research, Science, Football (Soccer), Tennis, Guitar, Drawing, Travelling.
Future Plans No strict plan yet, and will probably never have one. Might pursue Graduate School (probably in Physics), might work in Data Science, might work in Quantitative Research or Trading, might try many of the above and possibly other options as well in the next 10 years or so.