Emma Fredwall

"Sell the strawberries you have"

Author Bio

My name is Emma Fredwall and I am a current senior at Yale University. Throughout my upbringing, I was very involved in my family’s businesses (real estate and photography) and I early on developed a passion for entrepreneurship. Before coming to Yale, I did a one-year internship at Vanity Fair magazine where I worked in the photo department. At Yale, I have been involved in a myriad different extracurricular activities ranging from marketing director of TEDx Yale, to President of Yale Scandinavian Society. I am currently the social chair of my Secret Society, and am in the process of planning our senior retreat!


Hometown Stockholm, Sweden
Lives New Haven, Connecticut
High School Education Viktor Rydberg Jarlaplan
Studying BA in Psychology
Graduating 2017
Extracurriculars TEDx Yale (Design and Marketing Director), Kappa Alpha Theta (Event Director ), Yale Swedish-American Society (Founder, President), Yale Scandinavian Society (Co-President, Treasurer), The Yale Herald (Design Director), The Yale Daily News (Production and Design Staff), Yale Polo Player
Interests Fashion, Real Estate, Art, Photography, Food
Future Plans I want to work in the retail industry with a focus on marketing. My dream is to one day have a job that would allow me to live in both Stockholm and New York City.