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"There's no such thing as home."

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Sociology student at the London School of Economics, with an international background. Growing up in Malmo, Sweden, I always wanted to study in England, so here I am! Academic interests range from sociology of family and social class to the social impact of the Internet. When I’m not doing readings or writing essays, I dedicate most of my time to my sharing my passion, kitesurfing. I’m the president of the LSE SU Kitesurf and Wakeboard Club, and I have been kitesurfing for five years now. I also spend a considerable amount of time travelling, cooking and going to gigs. As much as I adore London, I also spend a lot of time in Dubai, France, and Sweden, since my family is a bit all over the place. Where I’m going to end up after uni remains a mystery!


Hometown Malmö, Sweden
Lives London, UK
High School Education International Baccalaureate, Malmö Borgarskola, Sweden
Studying B.Sc. in Sociology
Graduating 2017
Extracurriculars Kitesurfing & Wakeboarding
Interests Music (rock/alternative), cooking, rock climbing, sailing, SUP
Future Plans I don't have a specific job in mind...as long as I can improve someone's life, whether through innovation, research or sports, it doesn't matter what my exact job is!

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Thoughts on 2017 – Master’s, jobs, paddle across Scotland and more!

Published: January 5, 2017

Although I am normally a cynic, I do have a thing for new year’s resolutions. They give me this optimistic excitement for the upcoming year, and I don’t think they’re completely useless – I am pretty happy that I can say I fulfilled 90% of my resolutions for 2016 (remember, make your goals SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound). The most important resolution will be to blog more this year – I haven’t posted anything on here since the launch of the international website (it used to be in Swedish) – bad bad bad! I’ve realised it might be…

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