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"Your attitude determines your altitude."

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I was born and raised in the Netherlands, where I attended Dutch and bilingual schools, and eventually graduated from the International School of Amsterdam. I am currently a first year at Wellesley College where I am yet to declare a major. I have an older brother, Ruben, who is also a blogger for StudyAdvantage so you can read about his life too! When I’m not focusing on academics, I’m most likely to be found on the golf course or socializing with friends (probably over food). With most of my college career ahead of me, I can’t wait to find out what the future brings and I am very excited to share these experiences with my readers.


Hometown Bilthoven, the Netherlands
Lives Greater Boston / Wellesley, MA, USA
High School Education International Baccalaureate, International School of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Studying BA in an undeclared field
Graduating 2020
Extracurriculars Varsity golf, copy editor for the Wellesley College Journal of Science, robogals (a girls in STEM outreach program), Hippocratic society
Interests Golf, travel, food, and spending time with friends and family
Future Plans Attend graduate school and we’ll see what happens next!

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Halloween and looking ahead to next week

Published: November 5, 2016

Hello! So… It was Halloween, and after spending Hallo-weekend with my brother in Atlanta, which provided a much-needed break from the midterm frenzy, athletics, and the oncoming New England cold, I returned to Wellesley just in time to experience my first Halloween. Halloween day was pretty average apart from a couple of students who felt the need to rock their costume all day (so I passed a couple of witches and superheroes in the hallways). In the evening I went trick-or-treating at the president’s house, which is (as the name suggests) the place where our newly inaugurated president, Paula Johnson…

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