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“Courage is grace under pressure.” – Ernest Hemingway

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I come from a traditional Chinese family, growing up in a beautiful water city in East China as the only child. I went to Chinese schools up until 11th grade and was lucky enough to spend 2 years after that in a gorgeous Welsh castle with UWC Atlantic College. That opens up a door to a whole new world, and thus I begin my dream to become a globally minded traveler and learner. Right now I am a sophomore student at Duke University, stressed but motivated and challenged constantly. I am enjoying every minute of my college life and am curious where the future might take me.


Hometown Suzhou, China
Lives Durham, United States
High School Education IB at UWC Atlantic College; Suzhou High School of Jiangsu Province
Studying BS in Statistics and Public Policy, possibly a minor in Finance
Graduating 2019
Extracurriculars Vice President of Cultural Committee of Duke International Association, Student Staff at University Center for Activities and Events, Lady Blue Acapella, Social Innovators Program of Net Impact, Graphic designer for Passport Magazine, General member of Business-Oriented Women Association
Interests Music, travelling, movies, global education, Chinese literature, cooking
Future Plans I want to gain some work experience in the states after graduation, possibly in the field of finance/business/consulting, but eventually I want to go back to China.

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Hello from a Blue Devil

Published: October 31, 2016

Hello! 你好! First of all congratulations to StudyAdvantage for becoming live this week! I feel very honored to be part of this amazing online platform, and I figure now is the perfect time for me to introduce myself in my first ever blog post. My English name is Sherry, at least this is how I have been introducing myself and how my friends have been calling me. Zijing Huang, or 黄子婧 is my Chinese name. The first character stands for my family name, same as the character for color yellow; the second character suggests that I was born in the year…

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