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"She can beat me, but she cannot beat my outfit." - Rihanna

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I am a 21 year old fashion student, from Norway but have been living in London for almost 14 years. I am currently a fashion student at Istituto Marangoni, where I am developing my skills in order to excel in the fashion industry. My interest in fashion started at a young age, as it was my point of expression and almost gave me an armour.


Hometown Stavanger, Norway
Lives London, United Kingdom
High School Education Southbank International School, London, United Kingdom
Studying BA in Fashion Business
Graduating 2017
Extracurriculars Writer for Belgian online magazine “Enfants Terribles”
Interests Writing, music, photography, modelling
Future Plans First goal is to expand my work experience in order to enroll into the “Master in Fashion, Experience & Design Management” at SDA Bocconi in Milan. After this, I would like to take on managerial roles in a big corporation or conglomerate.

Posts by Vetle Egeland

Fashion Student Takes London Fashion Week

Published: March 1, 2017

When you’re a fashion student with only a tiny bit of your foot inside the industry, getting invites to shows or other events during London Fashion Week can be difficult. The key is to naturally gain connections through previous internships, but also to stay in contact to work at various shows. Volunteer to work front of house and you’ll be 99% guaranteed to watch the show, plus you may get to seat some A-list celebrities. MakeupPlus Launch at Lights of Soho My London Fashion Week started off at an early bird event, organised by makeup app ‘MakeupPlus’, who were launching…

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A week of events at Istituto Marangoni

Published: February 16, 2017

When at university, it is equally important to have a great social scene and talks outside of class, as it is during your school time. Social events is something new management at Istituto Marangoni is working on, as seen by a prosecco event held for the opening of the new cafeteria last Wednesday. Additionally, there were two great guest speakers that came in to give us an insight into the industry. This is a week of events at Istituto Marangoni. Tuesday 07/02/2017 – Juan Miguel Mora Yanes – Senior Publicist @ Mission Media Juan is a Istituto Marangoni alumni, having completed…

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A Fashionable Introduction From A London Based Fashion Student

Published: February 3, 2017

As I am writing this post I feel a rush of excitement. Excitement, that in a normally gloomy London, the sun is shining brightly. But also for my future blogging here at StudyAdvantage. However, before I get ahead of myself – time to introduce this fashion student. My name’s Vetle Egeland and I’m a third and final year Fashion Business student at Istituto Marangoni. It’s an amazing course covering everything from finance, management and marketing, to topics like fashion history and fashion photography. Istituto Marangoni is a university offering a wide range of subjects, all targeted towards fashion or interior. Marangoni…

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