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Behind the scenes at Dartmouth Admission Office

Published: August 29, 2016

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The online magazine Business Insider published an interview a couple of years ago with a former admissions officer at Ivy League university Dartmouth. The article reveals that it is materially easier to get in if you apply early, and explains how the Admissions Office looks at your SAT-results and grades relative to other components of your application.


A few extracts:

Each application will be read by 2-3 readers, who recommend either “admit,” “deny,” or “possible,” sometimes qualified with “strong” or “leaning.” Readers also rate each candidate out of 10 for academic and personal qualities, which take into account things like socio-economic background.


Each application receives an academic index score, which is based on GPA and standardized tests. A low score is usually a dealbreaker, but still all applications are considered.

“It’s much easier to be admitted during Early even though most schools tell you it’s just as competitive, it’s simply not true.”


Even an amazing essay can’t save a bad application. ”It’s difficult to see an app like that because every aspect of the application needs to be pretty strong, especially in the numbers driven game, it’s hard for a kid to stand out if not strong academically even if he writes this amazing essay.


Read the full article here.

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