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The Best Business Schools in Europe

Published: August 29, 2016

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Is your dream (or should we say ‘plan’) to become a leader in business or finance? Perhaps you are aiming to embark on the well-trotted path of ‘a few years in banking or consulting, and then take a managerial role in a high growth company’? And do you want to get the undergraduate degree to launch you into all of this at a European university? If so, this is the list for you, highlighting StudyAdvantage’s top degree picks.



International Economics and Finance, Bocconi University

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Bocconi is Italy’s dominant educational institution within the field of economics, business and finance, and offers first class degrees in English at both undergraduate and graduate levels. No other institution has educated so many leaders in Italian business. But the Bocconi-graduates also constitute a healthy part of the international financial community, and perhaps it’s not surprising that the country of de Medicis and Luca Pacioli now sends a crowd of junior bankers to some of London’s top financial institutions every year…a group also referred to by some as ‘the Bocconi mafia’.



Business Studies, Cass Business School

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Located in the heart of London, offering focused business degrees to students gathering from all over Europe and beyond. Close relationships to employers which become evident both during milkround season and when you look around the alumni community. Cass has deservingly risen to prominence in the last decade and is a great option for those looking to embark in a London city career.



Economics, London School of Economics

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LSE is an intense academic experience, and to succeed you’ll need to be analytical, focused and hard working. No wonder then that the world’s most prestigious professional services firms, whether they be McKinsey or Goldman Sachs, invest heavily in attracting successful LSE-graduates. And don’t forget – as an LSE student you will not only be taught by brilliant professors, but you will also have the LSE Public Lectures at your fingertips, where you can listen to brilliant minds from business, finance – past speakers include George Soros and Steve Schwarzman to mention a couple – and beyond.



Philosophy, Politics, Economics (PPE), Oxford University

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PPE at Oxford may not be a business-education per se, and its alumni may also count leaders in fields distant from corporate board rooms, but it would be a mistake to omit this coveted degree from a list for aspiring business leaders nevertheless. It will teach you how to think well – a rather useful skill in business indeed – and of course give you immediate access to incredible career opportunities during- and post-graduation.



International Management, Warwick Business School

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Warwick Business School has emerged as the leading UK business school outside of London, and one of Europe’s premier institutions. The International Management program is four years, of which the third is a year abroad and/or in industry, reflective of Warwick’s international outlook and focus on bridging students with the practical business world. This, its solid academic reputation, and a proactive careers office are some of the reasons behind WBS’s position as a core feeder school into the London business and financial community.



International Business and Politics, Copenhagen Business School

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CBS has a well-established reputation as the elite business school in Denmark, and has seen an increased international profile in the last few years as it attracts more and more students from the surrounding countries (not least the Nordics and Germany) and beyond. The school offers high quality educations fully in English across undergrad and graduate level. Career opportunities upon graduation are plentiful whether you want to launch your business career in Scandinavia or London.

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