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The Best Four: Summer Schools

Published: February 22, 2017

After the Christmas Holidays, there is very little to look forward too. In the Northern Hemisphere, the weather is horrible and the only thing ahead is the exam season. Down under, February might be warm, but it is also the start of the new academic year. To help you deal with all the doom-and-gloom, we at StudyAdvantage created a list of the best summer schools you can look forward to.


Summer schools provide you with valuable academic experience and allow you to pursue your interests outside you main area of study. Did we already mention that they’re also a great deal of fun, allowing you to meet new people usually from all around the world?


LSE Summer Schools, London

Set in the heart of London, LSE is one of the most respected UK institutions globally. Their summer school is equally renowned. It has been running for 28 years and currently offers a choice of 80 excellent courses. It also boasts the largest number of international students out of all summer-schools in the world – that’s what we call broadening your horizons. Not to mention being in London, one of the most international and dynamic cities in the world.

This school is open for current university students and non-students alike. So, if you’re thinking of studying at LSE or in the UK in the future, this is your chance to find out what it’s going to be like and meet some current students.

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Summer@Brown, Brown University, US


Brown is one of the oldest universities in America, but it is also the most liberal Ivy League College. Their staff and alumni alike are dynamic and open-minded, making for a supportive and fun learning environment. Summer@Brown is an umbrella term for a variety courses offered to high-school students and graduates at the university. You can come to Brown, any of its 3 global program locations – Rome, Italy; Segovia, Spain; Atlanta, Georgia – or even do a course online.

If you opt for any of the varied liberal arts and social sciences courses on offer at their campus in Rhode Island, you’ll be sure to get a taste of the real US College experience.

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Harvard Summer School, Harvard US

Consistently ranked as the best university in the world, Harvard offers two types of summer programmes for high-school students. In their Pre-College Program, you spend two-weeks with other pre-college students, studying anything from American Law to Science. The academic classes make up only a small part of your day, the rest is spent in college-readiness workshops, team-building events and social actives.

The Social School programme is more intense, you get immersed with current Harvard students, studying one or two courses over a period of 7 weeks. This may sound daunting, but you will get transferable-credits for the courses you complete, which will come in handy in the future. What’s more, you can even live at home, just like real students.


AU Summer University, Aarhus, Denmark

Not many know about Denmark’s second-city, Aarhus. Yet it is filled with culture and has a great university. Their summer school is mostly aimed at current undergraduate and graduate level students. Luckily, the undergraduate courses are open to “free movers”. As a result, you’ll find yourself in an environment that is as realistic of being at university as it can get.


Of course, being Denmark the summer school is also more affordable than the US. To top it all off, you’ll get a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sample Danish culture (assuming you’re not Danish) whilst studying in English!


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