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Best Student Cities in the World

Published: March 7, 2017


What to study? Where to study? Which are the best student cities?



Choosing a college can be a tough process. It’s a decision that will affect every aspect of your life over next few years and your have a sounding impact on your future career. Thus, it’s fundamentally important you consider each of your options carefully and we are here to help.


Last week, the QS Best Student Cities released a new list of top ten student cities. The list is a result of over 18,000 votes casted by current students and graduates from all over the world. The participants were asked to rank the hometown of their alma mater in eight categories: arts and culture, affordability, nightlife, employment opportunities, diversity, tolerance and inclusion, ease of getting around and friendliness.

Here are the top five student cities as featured on the QS list!


Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa, one of the smallest cities on the QS list, ranked as the ultimate city for students. The capital of Canada was mostly ranked the best for friendliness, tolerance and nightlife. Interestingly, a number of the survey participants mentioned opportunities to gain work experience, so if you want to get a head start in your career, Ottawa is the place for you!




Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech capital is quickly becoming the place to be for students. With 109 universities and colleges it presents a variety of opportunities. Prague is praised for arts and culture, ease of getting around, affordability and diversity. As a bonus, it has beautiful and romantic architecture.




Shanghai, China

Scoring well for nightlife, friendliness and arts and culture, this Chinese city is on the rise in students’ minds. With 36 colleges and universities, Shanghai is home to a large student community. Apart from having great academic potential, the city is also known for its multicultural population, which was mentioned by the participants in the QS ranking.




Brno, Czech Republic

This may come as a surprise, but students in Brno know what they are talking about. The city scored well in tolerance and inclusivity, ease of getting around, affordability and nightlife. Czech Republic’s second city is home to 13 universities and colleges, which creates a close-knit student community.




Montreal, Canada

Getting very high scores in arts and culture, friendliness, affordability and diversity, Montreal is number four on the best student cities list. Moreover, the city is liked for its beautiful architecture and food scene. And if you are not already convinced, Justin Trudeau studied here!


Article written by Tereza Gladisova, a contributing editor at StudyAdvantage covering stories in education, media and entertainment.


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