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How to Decide Which University to Apply For: 5 Questions

Published: April 2, 2017

Confused which university


Which type of university fits your requirements?
When choosing a which university to apply for, you should take a few things into consideration, not just academic ranking and reputation. There are plenty of universities out there, and they all offer a unique educational experience. You should bear in mind that you’ll spend your time doing more than just studying. Your university will be your home for the next 3-4 years, and things like extracurricular activities, social environment, career prospects and housing actually matters more than one might think – these all contribute to feeling comfortable and “at home”, which tends to have a direct impact on academic success.


We’ve listed some important questions below that will assist you in deciding which university is the best fit for you:

Size and location
• Do you prefer studying at a big or small university?
• Do you wish to live and study in a city, suburb or on the countryside?
• Do you want the school environment to be new and modern or old with a rich history?
• How far away from home is it, and how will this impact you?

• Do you want to practice a certain sport/activity?
• Does the school offer your activity of interest?

• How much time do you want to spend on your studies?
• Do you require a specific study track/academic program?
• What is the academic ranking of the school?
• Do you want to parttake in research activities?
• Do you prefer a highly regulated academic program or more flexibility (flexibility is not for everyone)?

Social Environment
• What type of friends do you wish to hang out with?
• What is the social profile of your institution of interest?
• What type of parties and social events matter to you?

• Are you interested in any specific career-focused program?
• Do you wish to have the opportunity of doing internships/traineeship during your studies (commonly referred to as sandwich programs)?
• Does the university provide any career counseling/recruitment events?
• What careers paths do graduates of your school of interest typically choose?
• Does the school’s location have an impact on potential future internship/job/application prospects?


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