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EU Applicants – Now Is The Time To Apply for UK Universities

Published: December 26, 2016

Corpus Cristi College, University of Cambridge

Corpus Cristi College, University of Cambridge – this could be your new home. Source: Wikipedia

Uncertainty surrounding student funding for EU applicants grew significantly in the months following the Brexit referendum. Naturally, a large share of the international cohort of applicants is directly dependent on UK financial services – services that were subject to possible cut backs as the UK government found itself in a delicate political situation. Guarantees for student funding for applicants to the class of 2020 were only provided on the 11th of October, more than a month after the UCAS admissions window opened (6th September).

As of mid-October, early deadline applications were in. For the first time in recent years applications are down, and this time by as much as 9%. This data applies to certain programs/schools that have an early application deadline such as the Oxbridge schools. Although the timing means that these programs are more vulnerable to the late funding guarantees than other programs, they hint at an overall decline in UK applications for the year 2016/17.

University of Oxford, with a pristine reputation, was among the only October deadline universities to keep the growth trend, as they reported a 4% increase in EU applications.

Theresa May

Theresa May, a central figure in sorting out the political crisis in which the UK has found itself following the EU referendum. Source: Flickr

University of Cambridge however, was impacted by the situation on a disproportionate level with a 14% decrease in EU applications. A university spokesperson told the Guardian: “We are disappointed to see a reduction in EU undergraduate application numbers on last year, which reflects the considerable uncertainty felt by these students due to the EU referendum. But we still received more applications from the EU this year than we did in 2012, and Cambridge remains an attractive place for EU students to study.”

Although a negative trend, this presents a rare opportunity for high school students across the EU looking to receive a world class education. Cambridge repeatedly ranks among the top universities in the world and a degree from this institution is highly regarded by employers across the continent. The same high academic standard and reputation can be found across numerous UK universities that are part of the January application deadline round. Should the same, negative trend hold true for this group of universities, you may just find yourself being admitted to your dream school.

So, to all of you hesitating to apply to the UK – do not fret. This political soup could be your golden ticket into that school that normally is out of your reach. Give UCAS a shot and bat out of your own league. This may just be your lucky year.



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