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What is a Fraternity, and Why Should You Join One?

Published: April 4, 2017

Fraternity bros

Fraternities, or fraternal orders, can be described as selective gentlemen’s clubs, where new members are selected based on a two-part vetting process consisting of rushing and pledging. These student clubs play a major social role at many American universities and the tradition can be traced back to the early 1800’s.
Student fraternities in America are organized into a Greek system, which is simply a system for structuring the different organisations, giving each a different name consisting of Greek letters (ex. Alpha Epsilon Pi, Kappa Alpha, Sigma Phi).
Honorary fraternities are becoming increasingly common, where membership is based on (mostly) academic achievements. However, the traditional function of fraternities is the social aspect. New members join in their freshman year as an easy way of joining a community, getting access to social events and making friends. Some fraternities are more selective and secretive than others, some of the most secretive are the Skull & Bones Society at Yale University and Fly Club at Harvard University.


Zeta Psi Fraternity House, Lafayette College Chapter

Zeta Psi Fraternity House, Lafayette College Chapter

So, why should you join a fraternity? At many American universities and colleges, being affiliated with a fraternity, or “frat”, is considered cool. You get to go to parties and get a large network of friends from day one. Furthermore, the organization provides a platform for organizing events, doing community service and receiving academic support – all of which will add to your CV. Some frats will also provide its new members with housing in their “frat house”, some of which are ridiculously luxurious. Sometimes, simply having a swimming pool in your back yard is enough to make you the king on campus.


Get a tour of one of the most crazy frat houses in America – the Sig Chi UCLA Chapter mansion.


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