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Graduate Employability Rankings 2017 – World’s 10 Best Career Schools

Published: January 10, 2017



QS just released their annual Graduate Employability Rankings for 2017, showcasing the schools that are excelling at engaging with employers. The top 10 schools are ideal for those worried about paying off student loans.


1 Stanford University

Stanford keeps on climbing the ranking tables parallel with the ever-growing significance of the high tech sector in America. The school is at the very heart of Silicon Valley business – a machine for grooming future high tech entrepreneurs and developers alike. Stanford is THE place to study for those appealed by high tech (and handsome paychecks).

Read Hikaru’s blog to learn more about life as a student at Stanford.



2 MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

MIT has long been a trusted higher education institution, and a breeding-ground for top engineers and scientists (thus granting the school many Nobel prizes). It seems technical degrees are more sought after than ever before. The school is traditionally known for it’s research and teaching in physical sciences and engineering, but have recently climbed the rankings in fields such as management, economics, linguistics and biology.

Read Safa’s blog to learn more about life as a student at Stanford.



3 Tsinghua

Tsinghua is spearheading the improvement of Chinese higher education, and has become a serious contender for the very top spots on ranking tables, as indicated by their high graduate employment numbers. You might be surprised to find that the school’s undergraduate student body is dominated by internationals – a number as high as 54% come from outside of China. Seems like employers are intrigued by a Chinese college degree on the resume.


4 University of Sydney

Australia’s first university – Sydney offers the perfect study-life-balance. Students receive a highly demanding academic degree, while at the same time enjoying some of the world’s best surfing after school.

What used to be a remote island has now become a booming economy with some of the highest living standards in the world – Australia is a great place for university studies, and University of Sydney offers some of the best programs in the country.

University of Sydney is home to one of the best debating clubs in the world. Read our article “5 Best Student Debating Clubs in the World” to learn more.



5 University of Cambridge

Cambridge usually features at the very top of any ranking table, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that their graduates are attractive in the job market. This school has bred more Nobel laureates than any other UK institution, and its graduates go on to work at some of the most attractive companies in the world.

Check out Azfer’s blog or Arqum’s blog to learn more about student life at University of Cambridge



6 Ecole Polytechnique

It has been hailed the “Oxford of France” – this highly selective elite university outside Paris has schooled three Nobel prizes winners, three French presidents and several leaders in business. Although ranked #18 in the world, this university is quite French, with only 27% of its undergraduate students coming from outside the country. This could be your chance to dust off that high school French that you’ll otherwise never maintain.

If you are looking to learn the local language and the romantic pedestrian streets of Paris by heart yet keep a solid academic record – Ecole Polytechnique is the place for you.


7 Columbia University

The first Ivy League university to feature on this list is Columbia University. Located in Manhattan’s Upper West Side, this school is at the very heart of the money machine that is New York City. Need we say more?

Check out Mathilda’s blog to learn more about everyday life as a student at Columbia University in the heart of New York.



8 University of Oxford

It is said that while Cambridge produces Nobel Laureates, Oxford produces Prime Ministers. When looking at the schools alumni network, this statement certainly holds true. Oxford is not only the oldest university in the English-speaking world, but also among the best, as indicated by this list.

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9 University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley)

Did you know that UC Berkeley places #4 on the list of universities with the most Nobel Laureates in the world? This school is not only a recruitment school for Silicon Valley unicorns, but also holds a long standing reputation for being the most liberal school in America. So, if you’re a high tech hippie looking for a job, you’ve found your ultimate match.

Read Mimmi’s blog about life as a student at UC Berkeley



10 Princeton University

Princeton University has more Nobel laureates than any other university in the world (as of 2016). Not only this, but Princeton’s system of teaching ensures that all professors teach. This means that even undergraduate students are taught by Nobel Laureates.

This focus on high academic standards is reflected not only in this ranking table, but in most rankings that you’ll find on the internet. The school is especially well regarded within Economics, Econometrics and Mathematics.

Find out more about life as a Mathematics student at Princeton by checking out Natalya’s blog.



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