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How the Celebs Lived in College

Published: August 29, 2016


What did Michelle Obama’s room at Princeton look like? Who lives in Anderson Cooper’s old dorm at Yale? American newspaper NY Times reveals where and how the top politicians, business people and other celebs lived during their college days.


Among other things, you will find out:

“Francis Sloat, a volunteer on a committee that seeks to preserve Princeton’s heritage, does his best to keep up. He began compiling a spreadsheet about four years ago that now includes the names of hundreds of famous alumni and their former addresses.

…don’t bother searching for former Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld’s former home at 423 Brown. It is now a women’s restroom.”


“I went once to the University of Virginia and they had Edgar Allan Poe’s old dorm room blocked off with glass, so you could see it but not use it anymore,’’ said Joe Trentacosta, a host of the farewell party. Being able to live in the famous room, he said, “makes you feel more connected to the school.”


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