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Justin Trudeau’s Education – Where Did He Study?

Published: January 31, 2017

In our “Where did they study?” article series we examine the educational resumes of timely & relevant figures in business, politics, technology, science, sports, arts and media.




At a time when it looks like the world has gone mad – Thank God, for Justin Trudeau. From LGBT+ rights to immigration, Trudeau is the friendly face of politics. Today, we look at what it takes to make such an all-round awesome person.


Even though Trudeau’s father was the Prime-Minister of Canada at the time, he went to a public [state] school. His father originally wanted to send him to the private French Lycée, but his mother insisted that a public Canadian school was more appropriate. As a result, little Justin enrolled in the French-speaking stream at Rockliffe Park Public School in Ottawa. This was a prestigious institution that was even attended by the future Dutch Queen Beatrix during the Second World War.


WWLCollège Jean de Brébeuf, attended by Trudeau


After his father’s retirement, the Trudeau’s moved back to Montreal. Now Justin was free to go private, so his father enrolled him at the Collège Jean de Brébeuf – his own alma-mater. Despite, the changes in schools and cities Trudeau excelled in his studies and went on to earn a degree from McGill and another from University of British Columbia.


McGill_Arts_Building2Montreal’s scenic McGill University


Mr. Trudeau studied Literature at McGill University, graduating in 1994. Not satisfied with this already impressive achievement, Trudeau enrolled to study teaching at the University of British Columbia. If you weren’t already convinced about Trudeau’s overall good-heartedness, it’s time to change your mind. To add, Trudeau worked various odd-jobs throughout his time at university despite his privileged background – think club bouncer, math teacher and white-water rafting instructor.


Irving_K._Barber_LibraryHistory meets modernity at the University of British Columbia


After graduating Trudeau got involved in a variety of causes, like working to raise awareness about avalanches – his brother tragically died in one. He also did a year of Engineering at the University of Montreal in 2004, then started a Masters in Environmental Geography at McGill.


Even though Trudeau never completed his Masters program, his varied interests and experiences in different fields make him a great leader who is competent and in-touch.


Want to know more about Justin Trudeau’s education? Read a student’s blog from McGill here!

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