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Nordic Study Abroad Conference (NSAC)

Published: September 26, 2016


Since 2011, NSAC has attracted curious high schoolers from all over the Nordics to partake in a full day of university presentations, Q&A’s and networking activities. Nordic Study Abroad Conference, or NSAC as it is commonly referred to, is a fully student-led organization.

Witnessing the professionality of the event and the massive attraction that it has has garnered, it is hard to imagine that the initiative was founded in a Copenhagen high school cafeteria only five years ago. Since then, the conference has seen fast growth and a significant venue upgrade – the event is now sponsored by multinational consulting giant PwC. Present at the conference were representatives from a dozen top universities including Yale, Cambridge, Sciences Po and LSE; alumni from numerous universities as well as organizations such as StudyAdvantage.




This years lineup of universities featured an unusually large number of schools in countries other than the UK and the US. Bocconi in Italy, Sciences Po in France, Hong Kong University, University of Melbourne in Australia and University of British Columbia in Canada saw some great traction and interest from prospective applicants throughout the event. Many of the schools present at the conference are interested in attracting a larger international crowd, and therefore offer generous scholarships and financial aid. Although perhaps somewhat less well-known (partly due to the lack of coverage in English), the schools have a lot to offer. One example of this is the World Bachelor of Business programme, offered by Bocconi. The WBB programme offers a unique chance to complete one’s bachelors degree at three different universities in three different countries – one year at Bocconi in Milan, another year at University of Southern California and the third year in Hong Kong. The location of the fourth and final year is optional. This programme is unique and is provides a perfect spring board for a future in international business. Read more about this programme here.

Another big theme throughout the day was the distinction between universities in the US and the UK. Admissions officers from schools in both countries clarified the issue. The Cambridge representative said that non-academic extracurriculars are disregarded by Cambridge. They are fully focused on the applicants academic interests. On the other hand, in the Yale application, these merits could be said to outweigh academic performance (straight A’s are a minimum requirement, of course). For further clarification in regards to this topic, please see the StudyAdvantage student blogs from both the US and the UK as well as our application guides.

StudyAdvantage were present at the event and had a great time talking to aspiring international students. Many great questions about studying abroad were asked. This is why we exist – to inform and inspire young, ambitious people about the opportunities of studying abroad.


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