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Remarkable Student Societies: A Cappella Groups

Published: January 4, 2017

In the Remarkable Student Societies article series on StudyAdvantage, we showcase the most impressive, admirable, strangest and nichest student clubs and societies from around the world. We’re not saying you should apply to a university based on society life…however, if you do, you won’t be the first.

A Cappella – what even is this? Some of you may ask. Well, taken literally, it’s Italian for ‘in the manner of the chapel’. Fast forward a few hundred years, and it’s a huge subculture at universities all over the (at least Anglican) world. Singing groups, often male or female only, perform musical numbers without instrumental company. Training tirelessly and travelling together to compete in competitions around the world – most famously the Varsity Vocals International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA) – these groups often become as much family as they are student clubs. Join us as we list some of StudyAdvantage’s absolute favourite (and the absolute cheesiest) groups from around the world:

1. The Techtonics, Imperial College London, UK

These London boys though. You will literally melt.


2. Faux Paz, University of Maryland, USA

4 minutes and 31 seconds of goosebumps. Humanity at its best.


3. All the King’s Men, King’s College London, UK

Love can be tough, but loving these gents, appropriately named in reference to both their musical talent (royal) and academic affiliation (King’s College London), is not tough.

Interested in other features of the dynamic student life at King’s? Check out Roberta’s Blog.


4. On the Rocks, University of Oregon, USA

What a phenomenal group of young gentlemen channeling their inner Lady Gaga’s in this hilarious yet unbelievably polished performance.


5. The Other Guys, University of St Andrews, Scotland, UK

In arguably the most professional production of the list, watch these St Andrews boys sweep you off your feet. And don’t miss the remix feature at around 2 mins 18 secs.

Learn more about student life at St Andrews through Julia’s or Christoph’s blog.


6. SoCal VoCals, University of Southern California, USA

What a charming, cheerful and HOT group of singers!

Want more from USC students? Read Shradha’s amazing blog post ‘Shifting Identities’


7. The Pitchforks, Duke University, USA

This is the oldest A Cappella group at Duke (founded in 1979), and it’s clear that they’ve had decades of experience to harmonise. This is impressive.

Read Sherry’s blog from Duke.


8. Out of the Blue, Oxford University, UK

Oxford may be the best university in the world, and this may be the best version of a Shakira song in the world. These guys are stunning.

Read this interview with Erik who chose Oxford over Harvard.


9. The Opportunes, Harvard University, USA

These guys have taken the opportunity to bring together a complex set of songs into a stunning medley.

Curious about student life at Harvard? Read this article about its exclusive Fly Club.


10. The Uptone Girls, University of Birmingham, UK

These ladies don’t seem to need anyone to Lean On, but they deliver the smash hit beautifully!


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