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A Swedish Conversation about Gender Equality

Published: March 14, 2017

Tonight, through a second hand invite, I got to attend a special gathering on the Upper East Side: The Consul General of Sweden in New York, Leif Pagrotsky, had arranged a conversation with the Swedish Minister for Gender Equality, Åsa Regnér, together with the Swedish actor Sissela Kyle. After screening two scenes from “Miss Friman’s War,” the Minister, Kyle and the American film producer Cornelia Ravenal discussed some of the past, present and future of gender equality and how it’s reflected in the film industry, as well as Sweden’s role in advocating women’s rights internationally. These are very important discussions, and unfortunately tonight’s scope was a little too general and tame. Well that was before the former Swedish Minster for Justice, Beatrice Ask, decided to bring up Sweden’s current immigration situation. Definitely the room where it happens, and I got to be present only because I have a Swedish passport. It’s fascinating how being Swedish becomes a merit as soon as you leave Sweden.


The Swedish Residence, Park Avenue, New York (notice the blue and yellow light reflections in the upper left windows!)


The Consul General of Sweden in New York, Leif Pagrotsky; the Swedish Minister for Gender Equality, Åsa Tegnér; Swedish actor Sissela Kyle; and US film producer Cornelia Ravenal, The Swedish Residence, New York

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