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About Time

Published: May 13, 2017

Time is everything.

My time in New York is about to end; on Wednesday I’m returning to Sweden for the summer. Being international and having spent about eight months here, and four months back home over the last three years, I’ve often felt like my life has been split into two parts: one part here in New York that has been standing still when I’m not here, and one part in Sweden that’s been coming to a halt as soon as I leave. But over the course of my time over here, that divison has increasingly diminished and whereas I would get homesick and miss Sweden in the past, I now consider New York my home base. Knowing all this, I know I’ll miss the city a lot this summer, and the feeling scares me, especially since I might only have one more year to go.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about time this semester. Yes, the time spent at a place but especially the time spent with somebody. To me, this applies to any relationship: the longer you know a person, and the more time you spend together–inevitably the closer you get. To me, that also points out how much of our interactions that are not about words. I think the saying “being there for someone” catches that pretty well: real connection is not so much about saying the right things, as it is about being there when it really matters. And building this understanding takes time. Time is everything.

I hate saying goodbye. Yes to places, but especially to people. This is the worst inevitable part with studying at a place like New York at this point in my life: everyone is either coming or going and it hurts a lot that some of my New York family won’t be here when I come back for senior year in the fall. But as painful as that feels right now, I know two things: 1) I’m incredibly thankful I got to have this experience and that I got to meet the amazing people that I’ve met over the last three years. And 2), time does heal everything.

Until next time New York.


That rooftop view. Le Bain, The Standard, Meatpacking District, New York


My favorite place: Tompkins Square Park, East Village, New York

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