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Tips for admission at CBS

Published: December 3, 2016

Soon it will be time to start applying to Universities and Colleges for next year. For some schools the process might have already started, but for CBS the process does not end until the beginning of March (the exact dates varies depending on your nationality and prior education, for more info regarding admission dates see: http://www.cbs.dk/en/study/bachelor/admission/undergraduate-admission-step-3). Nevertheless, I thought I would give you some tips regarding what to think about when applying to CBS.


When applying to CBS, you first and foremost need to go to the CBS.dk homepage to see which quota you belong to since that will have implications of what documents to present, deadlines etc.

Personal letter

The bachelor programs at CBS requires different kind documentation when applying. Some programs (like my own) require the applicants to submit a personal letter. However, the majority of programs does not require this. Even if it is not required by your program you can submit a personal letter as an extra document. I would recommend this since it is a great way to describe yourself in a more personalized way and to show how and why your previous experiences would make you an asset for the school.

Recommendation Letters

When I applied three years ago recommendation letters were not required by applicants however most applicants submit one anyways (they do not disregard any documentation that is of relevance for the education you apply to). When using recommendation letters from High School teachers some teachers are obligated to directly send the letters to the University in question, i.e. not to you as the student. However, when applying to CBS all documentation is uploaded by the applicant on a separate platform (Optagelse.dk) and not sent directly to the school. If you find yourself in this problem, I would recommend you to contact the school by contacting Student Hub (the information center at CBS): http://www.cbs.dk/en/study/bachelor/contact.


All previous experiences (such as travel, schools abroad and working experiences) needs valid documentation. Everything that you mention in your personal statement needs to be justified by proper documentation with start and end dates (such as diplomas, traveling documents etc.). This also holds even if you don’t submit a personal statement – if the documentation is not submitted the school with disregard from any other indication of further experiences. The exact requirements of information is found on CBS.dk homepage.

Hope that this post might have given some of you a tip or two of what to think about when applying for CBS!



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