Shopping Spree

Published: January 29, 2017

After an exciting winter break, filled with lots of ski racing, Brown is finally back in session! The semester always kicks off with 10 days that are known as shopping period and during this time you can sample a variety of courses and professors to get a feel for what they’re like and whether you want to devote the next couple of months of your life to them. Although you do a preregistration the semester before, you hardly ever end up taking all the classes you registered for (last semester I ended up taking one of the classes I was preregistered for). The first few days are all fun and games and you try out ten different classes but when you realise you have to narrow down your options to the four classes you ultimately decide to take, things tend to get a little bit stressful (sometimes tears and night sweats are involved).

Sometimes… or most of the time…  you have to do a little bit of [aggressive] brown nosing (pun definitely intended) to get in to upper level seminars with capped enrollment, but through some innocent and covert flirting until I get that override code so I can register. It’s a bit nerve racking to be on the waitlist for a course you really want to take (especially if you’ve planned you’re whole schedule around it), and I am still waiting to hear back from one professor as to whether I can take his lab or not. Bot other than that this semester I will be taking the following courses:
-Foundation of Living Systems (we’ll see how this goes as I have not taken Bio since 10th grade)

-Introduction to cognitive neuroscience (seemed appropriate to take the intro to my concentration three years in to college)

-Lab in Genes and Behaviour (well I’m waiting to hear back about this one)

-Visually Guided Action

Hopefully I will also be carrying out an independent study investigating visual perception in art and architecture. If you’re really interested in a subject, Brown allows you to design your own (self taught) course for credit as long as you have a professor willing to supervise you. I have been working on a reading list and some proposed assignments and hopefully I can get this running in the next few days!

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