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BSc in International Business

Published: December 6, 2016

Hi all,

I realize I haven’t really gone into a lot of detail yet about my bachelor program at CBS, BSc in International Business. To be honest, I knew very little about the program when I applied – I knew I wanted to study in Copenhagen, I knew I wanted to study something involving business, and I knew that many Norwegians were studying at CBS and were very happy with the choice. So when looking at the courses that CBS had to offer, I saw that International Business was the most difficult to get into and figured it would be a good one. I got in, and despite my lack of research beforehand, I really, really enjoy it.

The application process was simple. You can choose to apply with just your high school grades, or you can apply with a mix of a motivational letter, previous achievements, and high school grades. For two weeks before school starts on September 1st, there is an intro-program that one is strongly encouraged to take part of,  and I strongly encourage this too. I did not know a single person out of the 180 people starting in my class, but the into-program, with all its games and parties, the company presentations, the cabin trip and group dinners, make it very easy to make new friends almost immediately. Most people that start the course do not know many people, either, and so most are in the same boat.

As mentioned, it is an international course, and so it is taught exclusively in English, and the social aspects revolve strongly around speaking English so to include all nationalities that attend the program. In my experience the focus on speaking English made it much easier for people from all over the world to get to know each other. Even as a Norwegian in Denmark, there can be some language barriers, and speaking English in the beginning with everyone was a pretty easy way to remove those barriers to getting to know each other.

The courses are a good mix of quantitative and qualitative business courses. Personally, I enjoyed the more quantitative courses we have had so far the most, like microeconomics, macroeconomics and financial accounting.  But for those that are more interested in the more strategy based courses, there are plenty of those as well. As far as the set-up of the program, we have two courses at a time for a quarter of the year. We then have two exams mid-semester, before moving on to the next two courses. It is quite intense, but I like the way it allows you to focus on two subjects at a time.

This post was a little longer than usual, but I know I would have appreciated an explanation like this before starting my university education, and I hope to make the decision-making a little easier for anyone considering applying to CBS in general or IB in particular.

All the best.

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