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Cabin in the Woods

Published: November 21, 2016

Last Saturday started off at 05.30 am to go to Malmö – unfortunately for me, I had not been on top of my game with applying for exchange, and when I finally got around to booking a TOEFL test to apply with, the only free spots were in Malmö. So I arrived at 8.00 am in Sweden to take the test, a along with some other unlucky souls from CBS who were in the same situation as me. Although it was a bit of a hassle, I was pleasantly surprised at how cozy the little part of Malmö I got to see was. Even so, I would advice those of you who go or will go to CBS and want to go on exchange to prepare way ahead of time.

The trip then continued from Sweden to a cabin on the north of Sjælland. I was invited along with a bunch of friends from class to go stay overnight at a Danish summer house. We were fifteen driving up from Copenhagen, all Danes except for three of us. There was snow everywhere, deer in the backyard, amazing dinner and good company. In other words, a good way to prepare for the christmas times.

Hope you had a happy weekend, wherever in the world you are at the moment!

CabinFullSizeRender1IMG_3483 Cabin 2Cozy cabin

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