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Code at Uni: How to Create a Website Using HTML and CSS

Published: March 7, 2017

Did you ever think about being able to build a website!?!?!


I just wanted to highlight what I did last weekend. I took part in a full immersion CSS and HTML course at SOAS. The course is called Code at Uni, and, from what I understood they are organising two-day courses at the major universities in the UK.

The course was AMAZING and totally worth it. It’s not cheap but the money is well invested, trust me! Plus, they provided us with (a darned good) lunch from Hummus and Bros – not lying!

I first signed up thinking that I was going to gain some very basic knowledge on how web development actually works, something not too bad to put on my CV. However, I was pretty convinced that I could not be able to build a website, without WordPress, after only two days. BUT I CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can build a basic website, not the sad HTML pages that you would expect, but a proper one, and, most importantly, I got a very very very good insight on how the thing works. I understand the system, so now I can just purchase any template and replace some code with the things I want to pop-in. Very very cool right?? Not only as a basic technical skill to have but also because now I have the freedom to build a private window through which I can express myself.

I am working on one now – very pathetic in terms of content, just for fun and this is what it looks like at the moment:

web-site building

Also, I’ve tried to learn HTML and CSS by myself so many times by looking at online courses… this people taught me in one hour what took me weeks to learn. You don’t need to have any basics on computers, the course is for complete beginners!

After deadlines and exams I might build a photography website, who knows? 🙂

For now that’s all! If u have the chance and you feel nerdy enough, DO IT! It takes a whole weekend, 10 am – 5 pm Saturday and Sunday but it’s not that heavy. On Sunday I was slightly hung over but I could make it anyways.

So go for it.

Here is their link:






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