Dual BA Between Columbia University and Sciences Po

Published: December 5, 2016

Friday night, as I was having a late dinner with a few friends at one of the brasseries downtown, an email ticked in on my phone. The first lines read: “On behalf of Dean Peter J. Awn and the Committee on Admission, I want to congratulate you on your admission to the Dual BA Direct Program Between Columbia University and Sciences Po for the fall semester of 2017” and before I had time to realise what was happening I was thrown into the air by my friends in overt celebration. I was indeed no longer just a Sciences Po student but also a Columbia student.

The undergraduate programme at Sciences Po is structured in such a way, that while the first two years of the degree is spend in France the third and final year must be spend abroad. This year is known as “3A” and it is the main cause of both stress and excitement for all Sciences Po undergraduates. In addition to this, regular Sciences Po students can also apply through the direct procedure to become part of one of the Dual Bachelor programmes established between Sciences Po and various partner institutions including Columbia University, UC Berkeley, University of Hong Kong and UBC in Canada. This means that you spend two years at each university and in the end receive two individual undergraduate degrees, one from each institution.

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I have for long been considering applying to the dual BA with Columbia University. However, as admission is extremely competitive and spots very limited I never really knew if it could become a reality, but it turns out that it indeed did. I am incredibly excited to be so fortunate to have the opportunity to study at two so renowned institutions as Sciences Po and Columbia University. My experience so far at Sciences Po has been overwhelming and amazing and I am beyond excited to continue my academic pursuits in New York City next fall.

However, it must be underlined that there is a long way before I can rest assure that I will actually go. American universities are expensive, thus the next few weeks will be spend sorting out financial aid and other administrative necessities related to my final acceptance of the offer. But for now I am just happy that I have come so far.

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