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End of the semester

Published: November 25, 2016

As we are approaching Christmas, exams are getting closer, i.e. constant stress and lack of sleep. But who am I to complain? In all honestly, the rate of this semester has been surprisingly slow and after two hectic years of university a “break” was exactly what I needed to get the “I love school” – spirit back. I feel strong and ready to tackle all kind of challenges that my exams might bring me!

This semester (the 5th semester) the students at CBS can go on exchange all around the world. However, since my program includes language we are only allowed to go to countries where our chosen language is spoken (i.e. for me Spain or Latin America) and study our courses in Spanish. Last fall I spent a great amount of hours debating whether I should go on exchange or not and ended up with the conclusion that I did not want to go. No, I wanted to stay in Copenhagen and study courses in English and instead live abroad during the summer to work and gain working experiences (that’s how I ended up as an intern at SEB in New York).

Nevertheless, if you decide to stay at CBS and to not go on exchange, in general all students are allowed to choose four courses of your preference. However, since my program requires its students to study at least 7.5ECTS of Spanish each semester, it was mandatory for me and my fellow classmates to write a business project that combined Scandinavian culture and Spanish/French/German culture with some requirements of Spanish data. This projects corresponds to 15ECTS points, i.e. half a semester.

Since this project was due a couple of weeks ago I must admit that I have had quite a lot of spare time. But now it’s time to hit the books again and to get started! Exams in Economics of the Euro and Retail Marketing are lurking around the corner and I am actually looking forward to start getting ‘my hands dirty’. But first; tonight Julefrokosten with SweDen students awaits and I believe it will be a magical night.

Hope you’ll have a nice weekend and don´t forget to enjoy your life!



Two photos from my first Julefrokost event in 2014


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