Finals Festivities feat. David Beckham

Published: December 6, 2016

I am writing this post in a caffeine induced frenzy on the thirteenth floor of the Science Library as a “break” from simultaneously studying for a stats final and writing a paper for a class I almost forgot I took… Is this just another day of the job for a Brown Student? NOPE: it’s finals season and all this panic is all my own doing!

Although I have been taking final exams at the end of every semester since 11th grade of high school one might expect that I would have it down but now… But the only thing I’ve gotten better at is underestimating the amount of work required by each class! Taking five classes seemed like such an excellent idea at the beginning of the semester, but now since all of them have at least 2 finals (be it exams, projects or papers) I am looking at an approximately 5 hours of sleep in the next few days… in total…

But the copious amount of work that Brown throws your way forces you to develop some interesting study techniques. For instance my Brain Damage class is largely case study based, but since personal information on patients is confidential we’re only given their initials (such as Patient HM, PK, DB etc.) as opposed to their names. But since we’ve been given approximately 117,839 case studies, and because I seem to have an affinity for mixing up all of these initials… However I do have an excellent visual memory so to solve this issue I created a study guide listing out all the patients and next to a description of their lesions and the studies conducted on them I posted a picture of a celebrity with the same initials as them. But this way instead of trying to remember patient DB as the one suffering from blindsight, I can now instead try to remember patient David Beckham as the one with blindsight. Hopefully this will work better than my attempt at creative studying during my freshman year introduction to psychology class when I decided to write out my entire study guide on 269 flash cards… But I will keep you posted.


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