Written By Alizey Jilani

Hallo-weekend at NYU

Published: October 31, 2016

Midterms at NYU ended this week which was perfect timing since it was hallo-weekend!

The best part about going to NYU is simply being apart of this amazing city that has such a multi-cultural and international flavor to it, where one will come across people from different walks of life and together it is everyone that makes the big apple.

Hallo-weekend is one such time when I feel truly lucky to be apart of New York City. It’s a time when you witness throngs of people walking the streets of Manhattan with interesting costumes till 7 am and New Yorkers as a whole transform from keeping to themselves to being extremely friendly. ( for example, yesterday evening me and another gentleman were standing on the sidewalk trying to hail a cab, when we got into a conversation on what we plan to dress up as that night- which is very unusual on other days.)

This halloween I went to a Latino show and had the joy of getting exposure to their culture and music and by the end of it I thought to myself- this is my second-last halloween in NYC- how time has flown!


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