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Hello World!

Published: October 15, 2016

Hello everyone!

My name is Yuki, and I am a fourth year student at Georgetown University in Washington DC, USA. A little bit about myself; I was born and grew up in Tokyo, Japan and had very little exposure to international environment (or even English) before I started college. As an international student, my experience here at Georgetown, Hong Kong and London during my exchange year is full of challenge, fun and unexpected stuff! Hope to address those stories in later blog posts.

Healey hall: Main building on Georgetown campus

I study Economics and Math -this sounds like my college life involves tons of quantitative analysis, but I have taken many humanities classes such as Philosophy, Theology, History and International Relations. I really like this “liberal arts” system in American university, which makes you explore a wide range of courses before digging into your major, whether you know which subject you want to concentrate or not. For me, I kind of knew I wanted to major in Economics because I was studying it in Japanese university before coming to Georgetown, but never thought of adding math minor (which was my least favorite in high school).

Besides academics, I am a member of Pep Band and Japanese culture club. I always surprise my friends when they see this short 160cm girl playing the huge tenor drums at college basketball and football game.

This is a short introduction of my college life in the US, and I am looking forward to sharing with you a lot of insights into studying abroad on this blog!

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