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IB Dinners and Christmas Lunch

Published: November 25, 2016

Hi all,

Last week, IB Dinners was arranged – a really fun dinner event for International Business students of all three years. Basically, you sign up, either as a host or as a guest, and then you are placed in a group of around five to eight people. The hosts cook dinner for the guests, and then you wine and dine together before everyone meets up at one of the bars or clubs in the city. My group was served delicious risotto and wine, and we played lots of fun games. It is such a great way to meet new people, especially from the other years.

I was also lucky enough to take part of a traditional Danish “julefrokost” last weekend, a major aspect of Christmas times in Copenhagen. It is basically a Christmas party that starts pretty early in the day, with lots of good Danish food and drinks. I was invited to a friend’s ”julefrokost” on Saturday, and it was so much fun. Compared to Norwegians at least, I think Danes are very welcoming and warm, and the atmosphere was so enjoyable. We had three “waves” of food during the lunch; first, fish – salmon, herring, fried fish, remulade and rugbrød. The second wave consisted of frikadeller – a danish kind of meat balls, leverpostej – a pate, pork and more. Finally, we had dessert. And of course, lots of drinks and games and songs and speeches, even some homemade schnapps.

Hope you are getting ready for Christmas times wherever you are!

Until next time!

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