Written By Malin Jörnvi

I’m Gonna Go

Published: April 5, 2017

Is the worst phrase I know and I find myself back in freshman year.

Freshman-me on integrity, authenticity and change:

You’ll not be the same person tomorrow as the one you’re today and you don’t act the same way in two different settings. And so perhaps what’s really authentic is inconsistency of character: that we all change. Change is as inevitable a process as evolution, as biological as the need to pass on. And in accepting that we change and that we never really know who we are, when we’re whole, when or even why we sometimes feel alone even though we’re surrounded by people or have lots of friends to talk to, maybe we could stop acting like we poses integrity. What if we in not covering up, in not establishing boundaries to protect ourselves, we could show our changing authentic identities to the other lonely planets and bridge across the imperceptible and incomprehensible uncertainties that is life.

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