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My London’s top 10 chilling spots

Published: April 29, 2017


Heyaaa! Well I have started this post a month ago, when London was sunny and warm… of course I have never managed to complete it that week! So, here I am, writing this to not start studying for my finals 😀 Even if London on these days is not as appealing as it was last month, this list might still be interesting J


I admit it. This is pure procrastination in regards to the two essays that I have to write in Hindi. But, on the last two weeks London has been AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG. I had quite some free time and the weather was lovely. Super sunny and pretty warm. Last Sunday it reached 25 degreessssssssssssss. I walked along Regent’s Canal to Victoria Park. The all way was flooded with happy people in shorts and flip-flop! People were having pick-nick brunches and some were chilling in rubber boats on the canal!!! Victoria Park was super filled with happy people. It looked like a massive summer party. We could have been in La Barceloneta in mid-July or in an Italian beach on the 15th of August. It was LONDON, 9TH of APRIL!!! A part from this nice little surprise – yah very worrying in terms of climate-change but still, an amazing surprise – I have been exploring quite a lot. So here you go with a list of my top 10 chilling outside places in London.



This is my daily getaway! It is such a quiet and beautiful place and the cafes along it are lovely. Great spot for studying or for a Sunday brunch – Yah you need to go for a brunch in London! I love sitting on the dam during the night and looking at the water. None is around! And, as Venetian, I miss the water so much. So yah, this is my little Venice in London. Also, outside peak hours it is a great place to jog.


Easy to reach, nearby Camden Town, one of the best views of London. Primrose hill, and the attached Regent Park are amazing! For location and vibes, they are my favourite parks in London. I think Primrose is one of the few places which is very beaten by tourists, but tourism still did not spoil it. Primrose is never annoying and always super beautiful. Tourists will pass-by, snap a few pictures and go! Londoners will spend a whole afternoon reading a book over the hill or bring some boozes and food and make a party out of it. That place is definitely special. And yeah, sunset is right behind the view, but on clear nights, the moon will be right on top of London.




A relative small gallery along the Thames in Somerset House. The gallery is small and the vibe is very chilled. It is not as busy as the National Gallery or others and it has amazing pieces from Van Gogh, to Gaugin, to Lautrec, Modigliani, Manet. If you love impressionism go and check it out, the amount of works they have in just three rooms is astonishing! Of course, is free for students and the small size and location makes it easy to organize a shot visit, even while passing by there.

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Greenwich is just the park where you want to spend a sunny chilled Sunday to get your mind off the urban Jungle. The view from the park is unique and Greenwich little town is super cosy, full of cafes and restaurants! (Keep in mind that the Underground stop for Greenwich is not Greenwich but Cutty Sark!)

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Holland Park, closed to Notting Hill, is such a wild and green piece of urban nature! The feeling is to be in the mountain area somewhere but you are actually in Notting Hill! Plus, right in the middle of the park there is a Japanese style garden with a little lake called Kyoto Garden! It is beautiful and purely Japanese.


In Sunny spring day, despite your political credo, go and check this area!  Highgate cemetery is the most beautiful cemetery I have ever been, the attached park is full of willows, little lakes and blooming threes. The houses around make you feel like you are in France. And afterwards, you must go to Hampstead Heath Park! You won’t realize you are in London while walking between the hills until you will find the spot with the view over the city!


London bridge is so beautiful but flooded with people. But at night, when none is there, is magic! I used to work around the area and I had to cross it a 4.00 AM. It was amazing! Such a sensation of calm and peace! A great contrast! Sometimes I still go at late night just to breath some fresh air!

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To me it is la Barceloneta of London. It is the place where everyone in East London would go for jogging or for chilling when is sunny! I love it! Slightly out of town, empathy of tourists and very cosy! Furthermore, you need to walk along Regent’s Canal to reach it.



On the way to Victoria Park, this market must be checked on Sundays! I love the variety of amazing food they have and the vibe around it!


Once spring as sprung, a rooftop pub is must! In London pubs are such a culture. London cannot live without craft beers!

I hope London will turn shiny again and that you will find time to enjoy those places!



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