Written By Malin Jörnvi

Meet Siri

Published: April 18, 2017


Siri is the force of nature that has kept me grounded throughout the past two years. Originating from Copenhagen, Siri’s and my paths crossed in the spring of freshman year when she started her two year conservatory training in the same acting studio as me. And though I’m in the NYU affiliated track, I managed to bump into my fellow Scandinavian in the hallways and the moment we started talking, things just fell into place.

I don’t know anyone that works as hard as Siri, and puts so much of themselves into what they’re doing. It is so inspiring to be around passionate people, and few are as passionate as Siri. And with her wild inner life and incredible sensitivity, nobody is able to discuss the visceral quite like her. And as one of my New York family members she will be massively missed when she graduates this summer and returns back home. But the many nights and the countless hours of deep and honest communication I’ll always carry with me.

Thank you Siri for being such a cornerstone in my life over here. I love you.


Siri in Tompkins Square Park, East Village, New York

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