Written By Aayushi Mishra

My Spring Break in New York City

Published: March 18, 2017

My first-year roommate and I have been best friends since my first week at Mount Holyoke. Emily and I bonded over our love for the environment, began taking the same classes, and giggled over silly jokes. However, we reflected this year that we had yet to go on a road trip together; we immediately agreed on visiting New York City for a few days over spring break. It would be a quick getaway and a perfect break from academic work.

I was recently admitted at a Master’s program at Columbia University, so visiting the campus was one of our top priorities. The other priority, of course, was to find the best restaurants in the area. We rented a beautiful, spacious AirBnb apartment in Brooklyn and immediately made ourselves at home. The two of us had planned a detailed, packed itinerary and we wanted to follow it the best we could.

I had visited Columbia three times in the past two years, but this time was undeniably the best. Everything looked more scenic, more welcoming, and homely. A classmate from Mount Holyoke gave me a tour, since both her parents did their Master’s from Columbia. She knew the buildings’ names, details, and fun facts about the entire campus (very impressive!). We spoke to a couple of Columbia’s representatives who were extremely friendly and sweet.

After we were done exploring the campus, my friend showed me all the nearby popular restaurants, grocery stores, and bookstores. Because she grew up in the city, she was familiar with the best of the best, which I truly appreciated. We had NYC’s finest bagels with extra cream cheese to make the experience even better.

Emily and I went to various restaurants, from cozy cafes to elegant Thai restaurants. We saw New York’s spirit on St. Patrick’s day (we loved the green Empire State Building!), and we enjoyed the street performances. We did make some time to do homework but ended up watching funny videos instead. We met with old friends and made new connections. By the end of the trip, we were both refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the semester.

This spring break was one of the most memorable trips of my life. I had an amazing time with my friends, loved every cup of tea I had, and enjoyed the beautiful sunny+snowy weather. Until next time, New York!

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