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Stanford Athletics

Published: December 6, 2016

IMG_0200Coming to Stanford at the beginning of this fall, I knew that Stanford had an exemplary academic reputation for fostering transcendent talent across a plethora of fields. This is most evident in its hand-to-hand relationship with Silicon Valley and the spirit of innovation that drives its student body. One of my roommates is currently planning the ground works for a clothing company and this just comes to show the pervasiveness of this entrepreneurial spirit. It also helps that I have the privilege of taking my chemistry exams at the William R. Hewlett Teaching Center, a building donated by one of the founders of Hewlett-Packard (HP), symbolic founders of the Silicon Valley.

As someone who really enjoys watching sports however, I assumed that there would be a tradeoff between academic and athletic reputation. I didn’t think I would be able to have the same experiences watching basketball and football games if I had gone to other colleges with incredibly strong athletic backgrounds.

Yet everyday, I am amazed by the number of athletes on campus and the strength of Stanford Athletics. Stanford has won the director’s cut, which honors the most successful athletic program in NCAA Division I for the last 21 years and has won at least one national championship every year.

And that means, that I have taken full advantage of my free tickets to collegiate sports games.


American football game – Stanford Cardinal VS Colorado Buffaloes – Stanford loses 5-10 @Stanford Stadium (10/22)

IMG_0191Stanford Men’s Basketball game – Stanford Cardinal VS Colorado State – Stanford wins 56-49 (11/20) ft. Stanford Tree

On the weekend before Thanksgiving break, I went to Berkeley to watch the BIG GAME, a American football rivalry game between Stanford and the University of California Berkeley.

All throughout the week before the BIG GAME (Big Game week), there were rallies by the Stanford Marching Band. The fountains were dyed in Cardinal red and at night, Hoover Tower gave off a mystifying red glow that you could spot from all over campus.

IMG_0175 IMG_0188

Stanford won the BIG GAME @Cal (Memorial Stadium) 45-31 which made standing 3 hours in the rain and the 2 hour bus ride from Stanford the Berkeley very much worth it.

Yesterday, I also had a lot of fun playing basketball with a 6-8 Stanford basketball player from my dorm. I was just amazed at his finesse of the court and I hope to get in some videos of him playing soon.

I have my chemistry and philosophy finals next week and I am currently “hustling” with my revision. After my finals, I am heading back to Japan for winter break so I plan to keep you guys posted about what I’m doing over the break.

Have a great week.

– Hikaru 🙂





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