Written By Malin Jörnvi

Take Me To Church

Published: February 19, 2017

Yes family. Today I went to church. I’m even surprised myself, coming from a country where atheism is more or less the state religion. But when the one and only Joshua Tay asked me if I wanted to come with, and said that they meet in a theater, and that there was a brunch to be had afterwards… Who can say no to that? And frankly, the sermon, the music and the singing were all pretty damn cathartic. Who knows, I might as well go back. Regardless, two things I’ll definitely take away from today: One, I think to have faith is an increasingly forgotten quality these days, and two, I’ll always believe in love.


 Trinity Grace Church East Village/theater entrance.


Early congregation members.


The priest. From Brooklyn.


My best buddy from down the hall freshman year: Joshua Tay, who is leaving me in May as he graduates a whole year early. Mmmph.

(I apologize for the extraordinarily bad pixel quality).


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