The Internship Hunt

Published: February 21, 2017

Unlike my friends who are going in to finance who have known for months what they’ll be doing this summer, for most other industries the spring semester is the time to lock down your summer job. This can be stressful given that some companies *cough Droga5* don’t open their apps until mid March (which is only 2 months before finals!).

But on top of that, us international students always have some extra hoop to go through: the work authorization. Many companies do not hire students who lack a work visa or a green card at all, others are just very careful, so you quickly learn to scan the applications for the terrifying drop down menu “Will you require sponsorship from XYZ.” Sometimes it’s worth applying anyways, but you just have to prepare yourself to not even pass “prescreening” and get called back for an interview.

To find out about possible places to work out I went through Brown’s “Job and Internship Board” (the JIB) to see if there were any listings for my industry of interest, advertising. When this turned out to be a bust I started looking through Alumni pages and found someone from the class of ’85 who works for one of the leading advertising agencies in the world so I decided to give it a shot and send him an email… and to my surprise he got back to me and offered to speak to me on the phone. He provided me with lots of valuable information about the company and the different roles and he eventually gave me the name and email Human Resources person and told me to email her persistently. “When you reach the point you think you’ve sent too many emails, send five more” he said. So I followed his advice and after only three emails they sent me the application.
Now I just have to fill it out and do this for another number of companies until someone will let me fill their coffee cup and make copies of the lunch menu for them… Cross your fingers!

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