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The Room Where It Happens

Published: February 26, 2017

Even in this Skype, FaceTime and “Facebook Messenger call function”-age, there’s really no substitution for being at the actual physical place. This past week, being in New York and being an NYU student has allowed me to attend:

1) a much debated NYU Review and Debates talk given by the controversial former NYU president, John Sexton,

2) an update on climate change given by Al Gore in the world’s largest reformed synagogue,

3) a lunch with Melody Barnes the other participants in NYU’s Women Leadership Program,

4) a workshop on non-violent activism and

5) a shoot of a short for the Tribeca Film Festival.

This place gives you so many opportunities to state: “Only in New York” and I feel so thankful for having been given the chance to experience all this. But then again, if I’m to be completely honest, the best part of my week wasn’t any of these awesome events – the best part of my week was simply walking around southern Manhattan with one of the incredible international individuals I never would’ve met if not for being here.


John Sexton, the controversial former president of NYU


Climate conversation with former vice-president Al Gore


NYU Activism event


Greenwich Village rooftop shoot, New York City

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